Order and Delivery Terms

Order Terms

  1. The relevant order is processed once the payment has been successfully confirmed. If the order cannot be processed due to a technical issue, please contact us through our Support page.
  2. The purchased products are licensed for use on one website and cannot be used on multiple sites.
  3. All products provide a minimum of 1-year guaranteed usage rights. Even if the license duration displayed upon installation on the site may vary, the user is entitled to a 1-year usage right. This applies to products with a license duration of less than 1 year.
  4. As the products available for order on WPThemesBox.com belong to different companies, WPThemesBox.com is not responsible for any technical malfunctions or errors. By placing an order, the customer is deemed to have accepted this condition.

Delivery Terms

  1. The delivery of purchased products is done through the WPThemesBox plugin. The customer must download and install this plugin from the Activation Procedures section on their My Account page and validate the activation code prepared for them. With the activation code validated once, they can install all purchased products. In case the WPThemesBox plugin does not work due to a technical error, we may request the customer’s website administrator login details to resolve the issue.
  2. Graphic Design, SEO and Other Tools: To receive delivery of the products you purchased in these categories, you us via WhatsApp. We will get back to you.

Customer Responsibilities

  1. The customer cannot directly download and use the purchased products. These actions are carried out through the WPThemesBox plugin and activation code. When the customer completes their order, they must copy the activation code from the My Account page and paste it into the WPThemesBox plugin for validation. Once the activation code is verified, they can proceed with the installation of the products under the ‘My Purchases‘ tab.
  2. In case of any technical support related to the WPThemesBox plugin or activation code, the customer must share the username and password of an account with administrator role on their site.
  3. The customer can only use the purchased products for one site and cannot transfer these products to another domain.
  4. By shopping at WPThemesBox.com, all users are deemed to have accepted these terms.

Graphic Design, SEO and Other Tools

  1. Since our products are digital, there are no returns or exchanges.
  2. You can use all of our products as described and within the specified time frame unless the relevant company changes its policy.
  3. For products delivered as accounts or keys, compensation is only provided for the first login.
  4. For products delivered as accounts, you must clear your browser’s cookies and data before logging in for the first time, and then change your IP.
  5. If you use a VPN to change your IP, you may have your accounts closed. We strongly advise against using a VPN.
  6. License keys must be used within 12 hours of delivery. The customer is solely responsible for license keys not used within 12 hours.

Order Cancellation and Refund Terms

Wordpress Themes and Plugins:

  1. Our customers can utilize a 7-day trial period after they have installed the purchased product on their site. If they wish to return within 7 days, they must provide us with the WordPress login credentials of their site. As the license rights of the installed products will have been used, these products will be removed from the site us. Additionally, the activation code will be deleted, and they will not be able to use the returned product. Payment refunds will be processed within 2-7 days
  2. If a customer has purchased the wrong product and wishes to exchange it, they must share their site’s administrator login details with us within 7 days, and the will be handled by us. In this case, the customer is deemed to have accepted that the previously purchased wrong product will be removed from their site.
  3. In case of violation of the return conditions, we reserve the right to prevent the customer from placing a new order through WPThemesBox. If the same user submits multiple requests within 30 days, we may consider it as an abuse of our return policy and reserve the right to reject the return request.
  4. We have carefully selected our products with our expert team to be the most beneficial for your websites in terms of SEO, Speed, Performance, Design, and high traffic.

Graphic Design, SEO and Other Tools:

  1. We cannot cancel or refund orders for the digital products we offer under any circumstances.