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Acquired author’s agency license for cost-effective, licensed service, adding automatic updates to your site.

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Novashare PRO

Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $6.00.

Novashare PRO: Social media sharing plugin. Unlike other solutions, it gets the job done without adding any load to your site. Typically, social media sharing plugins add to the load. This plugin not only makes sharing easier but also allows you to do it at a high standard of site speed.

✅ Licence: %100 Original and Premium
Automatic Updates: Always stay up-to-date with the latest version
✅ Duration: 1 Year
✅ Domain Usage: 1 website
✅ Includes: WPThemesBox Licence Active Plugin + Activation Key
✅ Delivery: Install on Your Site and Start Using Immediately (Only 2min)
✅ 7-Day Return Policy
✅ +500 Happy Customers 🤩

We are not reselling an official license. The licensing key will be automatic added to your or your client’s website once you purchase your selected plan. We have taken agency plans from the original author , which gives us the freedom to use the license on unlimited sites . Because of this, we give it to people who can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars in their beginning phase, like new bloggers and web developers.

After placing your order, you will proceed to your My Account page to download and install the WPThemesBox Licence Activate plugin on your website. You will then activate the plugin using your unique activation key, such as “32a95x51x6e5c,” which you will find on your My Account page. This will allow you to install your purchased themes and plugins with a single click, ensuring they are 100% authentic and premium.

It’s incredibly simple. You can install your purchased product in less than 2 minutes. We use an automation plugin that acts as a bridge for installation. With this WPThemesBox plugin, your product is licensed with just one click.

This is all about cost. You can also purchase from the official manufacturer for your large projects. We are never their competitor. However, we want to protect you from illegal sellers who may fill your site with viruses. For this reason, we price our original products very low.

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We are unable to offer two specific services:

When you purchase a license from the official website, you will have a dedicated customer account. Through your customer panel, you can initiate support requests specific to your purchased product and transfer your license to another website. However, since we cannot transfer an account to you, we are unable to provide these features.

– We do not offer the service of transferring your license to another domain name.
– We do not transfer customer accounts for official support (however, you can use our support line whenever you need assistance).

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Break the Social Media Sharing Barrier: Buy Novashare Pro at a Great Price

In today’s digital landscape, social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals to connect with their audience, promote their brand, and drive growth. However, manually sharing content across multiple social media platforms can be a time-consuming and inefficient task, often hindering your ability to reach your full potential.

Introducing Novashare Pro, a powerful social media scheduler for WordPress that transforms social media sharing into a streamlined and effective process. With Novashare Pro, you can effortlessly schedule your posts, optimize your content, track performance, and collaborate with your team, all from the comfort of your WordPress dashboard.

Unveiling the Power of Novashare Pro

Novashare Pro is more than just a social media scheduler; it’s a comprehensive tool that empowers you to take control of your social media presence and achieve your marketing goals. Let’s delve into some of its key features:

Effortless Scheduling for All Your Social Media Posts:

Schedule your social media posts in advance, ensuring that your content is shared at the most optimal times to reach your audience when they are most engaged. No more scrambling to post at the last minute or missing important opportunities to connect with your followers.

Predefined Templates for Streamlined Content Creation:

Save time and effort by creating social media posts using predefined templates that align with your brand identity and voice. These templates provide a solid foundation for your content, allowing you to focus on crafting engaging and informative messages.

Bulk Scheduling to Save Time and Increase Efficiency:

Schedule multiple social media posts at once using Novashare Pro’s bulk scheduling feature. This is particularly useful for content planning and ensuring a consistent presence across your social media channels.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting for Data-Driven Decisions:

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your social media campaigns with Novashare Pro’s advanced analytics and reporting tools. Track engagement metrics, identify top-performing content, and make informed decisions to optimize your social media strategy.

Curated Content Suggestions for a Diverse and Engaging Feed:

Expand your content reach and discover new ideas with Novashare Pro’s curated content suggestions. This feature provides you with relevant and engaging content from across the web, helping you create a diverse and informative feed for your audience.

Spintax Support for Personalized and Unique Content Sharing:

Personalize your social media posts and avoid repetition with Novashare Pro’s Spintax support. This feature helps you create unique variations of your content, ensuring that your audience receives fresh and engaging messages.

Image and Video Optimization for Increased Engagement:

Optimize your images and videos for social media platforms to maximize engagement and visual appeal. Novashare Pro provides tools to resize, compress, and enhance your media content, ensuring it looks its best across all channels.

Social Media Calendar for Clear Visibility and Content Planning:

Visualize your social media content schedule with Novashare Pro’s comprehensive social media calendar. This calendar provides a clear overview of your upcoming posts, allowing you to plan your content strategy and identify any gaps or overlaps.

Team Collaboration for Efficient Social Media Management:

Manage your social media presence with your team using Novashare Pro’s collaboration features. Assign tasks, share content, and streamline your workflow to ensure a cohesive and efficient social media management process.

Custom Shortcodes for Streamlined Sharing Across Platforms:

Share content across your social media channels with ease using Novashare Pro’s custom shortcodes. Integrate these shortcodes into your WordPress posts, pages, and widgets to quickly and easily share your content with your audience.

Features for Specific Business Needs

Novashare Pro caters to a wide range of business needs, offering specific features that align with their unique requirements:

Bloggers and Content Creators:

  • Schedule engaging content across multiple platforms to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Analyze performance metrics to identify top-performing content and refine your strategy.
  • Discover new content ideas to keep your feed fresh and engaging.

E-commerce Stores:

  • Increase product visibility by sharing product images, descriptions, and links.
  • Drive traffic to your online store by promoting special offers and discounts.
  • Boost sales by encouraging social sharing and reviews of your products.

Social Media Agencies:

  • Manage multiple client accounts efficiently with team collaboration features.
  • Schedule content at optimal times for each client’s target audience.
  • Generate comprehensive social media reports to demonstrate the impact of your campaigns.

Novashare Pro vs Popular Alternatives (Social Snap, TweetDeck)

Choosing the right social media scheduler for your WordPress website is crucial for its success. Here’s a comparison of Novashare Pro against two of its popular alternatives:

Feature Novashare Pro Social Snap TweetDeck
Predefined templates Yes Yes No
Bulk scheduling Yes Yes No
Advanced analytics and reporting Yes Yes Limited
Curated content suggestions Yes No No
Spintax support Yes No No
Image and video optimization Yes Yes No
Social media calendar Yes Yes No
Team collaboration Yes Yes No
Custom shortcodes Yes No No

Ease of Use:

All three plugins offer user-friendly interfaces and intuitive workflows. However, Novashare Pro is often praised for its simplicity and straightforward approach, making it particularly well-suited for beginners and non-technical users.

Getting Started with Novashare Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Installation and Activation: Purchase the Novashare Pro plugin and download the installation file. Upload the file to your WordPress website’s plugin directory and activate it from the Plugins > Installed Plugins menu.

  2. Connecting Your Social Media Accounts: Connect your social media accounts to Novashare Pro by following the on-screen instructions. This will allow the plugin to schedule and post content directly to your social media channels.

  3. Creating and Scheduling Your First Social Media Post: Create your first social media post by selecting the desired platform, entering your message, and adding any relevant media. Then, use the scheduling options to choose the date and time you want the post to be published.

  4. Utilizing Spintax for Personalized Content Sharing: To personalize your social media posts and avoid repetition, use Novashare Pro’s Spintax support. Simply insert your desired variations of the message within curly braces, and Novashare Pro will automatically generate unique combinations of your content.

Optimizing Your Social Media Sharing Strategy with Novashare Pro

  1. Identifying Peak Engagement Times for Each Platform: Analyze your social media data to identify the times when your audience is most active on each platform. Schedule your posts to coincide with these peak engagement times to maximize visibility and engagement.

  2. Crafting Compelling and Click-Worthy Social Media Posts: Capture attention and encourage clicks with compelling social media posts. Use strong visuals, concise headlines, and clear calls to action to entice your audience to engage with your content.

  3. Utilizing High-Quality Visuals to Capture Attention: Visuals play a significant role in social media engagement. Use high-quality images and videos that are relevant to your message and visually appealing to your audience.

  4. Tailoring Content to Specific Social Media Platforms: Adapt your content to the unique characteristics of each social media platform. Consider the platform’s format, audience, and tone when crafting your messages.

Conclusion: Invest in Growth & Visibility – Buy Novashare Pro Today

In today’s competitive online landscape, effective social media sharing is not just a necessity but a powerful tool for businesses, organizations, and individuals to achieve their goals. Novashare Pro empowers you to streamline your social media sharing process, optimize your content for engagement, and track your performance to make data-driven decisions.

With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to continuous improvement, Novashare Pro is an investment in efficiency, growth, and visibility. Whether you’re a blogger, an e-commerce merchant, a social media agency, or a non-profit organization, Novashare Pro provides the tools and flexibility you need to elevate your social media presence and achieve your marketing objectives.

Don’t settle for mediocre social media sharing that fails to reach your audience and achieve your goals. Invest in Novashare Pro today and unlock the full potential of your social media presence.

Visit the Novashare Pro website today to explore its features, browse the templates, and take the first step towards creating a social media strategy that truly delivers results.


What are the licensing options for Novashare Pro?

Novashare Pro offers three licensing options:

  • Personal: $49 – Ideal for personal projects or one-time social media campaigns.
  • Business: $99 – Suitable for small businesses, solopreneurs, and multiple social media accounts.
  • Agency: $199 – A one-time payment for unlimited use across all your clients’ accounts.
  • Buy Novashare PRO

Does Novashare Pro offer customer support?

Yes, Novashare Pro provides excellent customer support through its dedicated support team. You can access support via email, live chat, and a comprehensive knowledge base.

Can I upgrade from the free Novashare plugin to Novashare Pro?

Yes, you can easily upgrade from the free Novashare plugin to Novashare Pro. Simply purchase the desired licensing option and follow the upgrade instructions provided in the documentation.

What are the system requirements for using Novashare Pro?

Novashare Pro requires WordPress version 5.0 or later and PHP version 7.2 or later. You should also have a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to fully utilize the plugin’s customization options.

By investing in Novashare Pro, you are investing in the future of your social media presence. With its powerful features, user-friendly interface, and commitment to innovation, Novashare Pro is the ideal tool to help you achieve your social media goals and unlock your business’s full potential.

Embrace the power of Novashare Pro and elevate your social media sharing to new heights. Visit the Novashare Pro website today to explore its features, browse the templates, and take the first step towards creating a social media strategy that truly delivers results.

Additional Tips for Optimizing Your Social Media Sharing with Novashare Pro

  • Use relevant hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments and questions.
  • Run social media contests and giveaways to generate excitement and engagement.
  • Track your progress and make adjustments to your strategy as needed.

With a little effort and the right tools, you can use Novashare Pro to transform your social media presence and achieve your marketing goals.