✅ Licence: %100 Original and Premium
Automatic Updates: Always stay up-to-date with the latest version
✅ Duration: 1 Year
✅ Domain Usage: 1 website
✅ Includes: WPThemesBox Licence Active Plugin + Activation Key
✅ Delivery: Install on Your Site and Start Using Immediately (Only 2min)
✅ 7-Day Return Policy
✅ +500 Happy Customers 🤩

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Acquired author’s agency license for cost-effective, licensed service, adding automatic updates to your site.

Automatic Updates

Upon key addition, author’s updates sent; manage product updates via WordPress dashboard.

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Official licenses provided, not resold. Automatic key activation with WPThemesBox plugin upon purchase.

WP Funnels PRO

Original price was: $97.00.Current price is: $6.50.

WP Funnels PRO: WooCommerce Funnel tool is designed to help increase revenue by boosting per-customer earnings. It streamlines the buying process, making it easier for customers to make additional purchases, thereby increasing your overall sales and revenue.

✅ Licence: %100 Original and Premium
Automatic Updates: Always stay up-to-date with the latest version
✅ Duration: 1 Year
✅ Domain Usage: 1 website
✅ Includes: WPThemesBox Licence Active Plugin + Activation Key
✅ Delivery: Install on Your Site and Start Using Immediately (Only 2min)
✅ 7-Day Return Policy
✅ +500 Happy Customers 🤩

We are not reselling an official license. The licensing key will be automatic added to your or your client’s website once you purchase your selected plan. We have taken agency plans from the original author , which gives us the freedom to use the license on unlimited sites . Because of this, we give it to people who can’t afford to invest thousands of dollars in their beginning phase, like new bloggers and web developers.

After placing your order, you will proceed to your My Account page to download and install the WPThemesBox Licence Activate plugin on your website. You will then activate the plugin using your unique activation key, such as “32a95x51x6e5c,” which you will find on your My Account page. This will allow you to install your purchased themes and plugins with a single click, ensuring they are 100% authentic and premium.

It’s incredibly simple. You can install your purchased product in less than 2 minutes. We use an automation plugin that acts as a bridge for installation. With this WPThemesBox plugin, your product is licensed with just one click.

This is all about cost. You can also purchase from the official manufacturer for your large projects. We are never their competitor. However, we want to protect you from illegal sellers who may fill your site with viruses. For this reason, we price our original products very low.

Unlimited! You can install your products on as many subdomain and localhost sites as you want. The limit you purchased will not be deducted.


You can return the products you purchased unconditionally. Enjoy for 7 days, if you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund your full payment. Click here for the return instructions.

We are unable to offer two specific services:

When you purchase a license from the official website, you will have a dedicated customer account. Through your customer panel, you can initiate support requests specific to your purchased product and transfer your license to another website. However, since we cannot transfer an account to you, we are unable to provide these features.

– We do not offer the service of transferring your license to another domain name.
– We do not transfer customer accounts for official support (however, you can use our support line whenever you need assistance).

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Conquer Your Sales Funnels: Buy WPFunnels PRO at a Great Price

In today’s competitive digital landscape, sales funnels have become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes to convert leads into customers and drive sales. However, building high-converting sales funnels can be a daunting task, often requiring coding knowledge and time that many businesses simply don’t have.

Introducing WPFunnels PRO, a drag-and-drop sales funnel builder for WordPress that empowers you to create powerful and effective sales funnels without any coding expertise. With its intuitive interface, pre-designed templates, and advanced features, WPFunnels PRO makes it easy to create sales funnels that capture leads, nurture relationships, and drive conversions.

Unveiling the Power of WPFunnels PRO

WPFunnels PRO is more than just a sales funnel builder; it’s a comprehensive tool that provides everything you need to create high-converting sales funnels that deliver results. Let’s delve into some of its key features:

Effortless Drag-and-Drop Builder for Intuitive Funnel Creation:

Create sales funnels with ease using WPFunnels PRO’s drag-and-drop builder. Simply drag and drop elements onto the canvas to design your funnel, without the need for any coding knowledge.

Pre-Designed Templates for Quick Starts and Industry-Specific Solutions:

Save time and effort with WPFunnels PRO’s extensive library of pre-designed templates. These templates provide a solid foundation for your sales funnels, catering to a wide range of industries and business needs.

Landing Page Builder with Conversion-Boosting Features:

Create high-converting landing pages with WPFunnels PRO’s powerful landing page builder. Use features like countdown timers, social proof, and opt-in forms to maximize conversions.

Checkout Integration for Streamlined Transactions and Reduced Cart Abandonment:

Integrate your favorite payment gateways with WPFunnels PRO to ensure a seamless checkout experience for your customers. This reduces cart abandonment and increases sales.

Upsells & Downsells for Maximizing Revenue Opportunities:

Increase your revenue by offering upsells and downsells to your customers. WPFunnels PRO makes it easy to create these targeted offers and maximize your sales potential.

Email Marketing Integration for Nurturing Leads and Building Relationships:

Connect your email marketing service with WPFunnels PRO to nurture leads and build relationships with your audience. Send automated email sequences based on user actions and trigger points.

A/B Testing for Data-Driven Optimization and Improved Results:

Optimize your sales funnels using A/B testing to identify the best performing elements and strategies. WPFunnels PRO provides comprehensive A/B testing tools to make data-driven decisions.

Conditional Logic for Personalized User Journeys and Increased Engagement:

Create personalized user experiences with WPFunnels PRO’s conditional logic feature. Show specific content or redirect users based on their actions, preferences, and demographics.

Membership Sites for Exclusive Content and Recurring Revenue Streams:

Create membership sites with WPFunnels PRO to offer exclusive content and generate recurring revenue. Gate premium content, restrict access to certain areas, and manage memberships effectively.

Analytics and Reporting for Tracking Performance and Making Informed Decisions:

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your sales funnels with WPFunnels PRO’s advanced analytics and reporting tools. Track conversion rates, identify bottlenecks, and make informed decisions to optimize your funnels.

Features for Specific Business Needs

WPFunnels PRO caters to a wide range of business needs, offering specific features that align with their unique requirements:

E-commerce Stores:

  • Create high-converting product launch funnels to generate excitement and drive sales.
  • Upsell complementary items and offer exclusive discounts to increase average order value.
  • Use abandoned cart recovery campaigns to recapture lost sales opportunities.

Service Providers:

  • Showcase your offerings and expertise with compelling landing pages.
  • Capture leads with engaging opt-in forms and lead magnets.
  • Automate appointment scheduling to streamline your booking process and improve customer service.

Lead Generation:

  • Craft irresistible opt-in forms to capture leads from your website and social media channels.
  • Nurture leads with targeted email sequences that provide value and build trust.
  • Convert leads into paying customers with effective sales funnels.

WPFunnels PRO vs Popular Alternatives (ClickFunnels, Leadpages)

Choosing the right sales funnel builder for your WordPress website is crucial for its success. Here’s a comparison of WPFunnels PRO against two of its popular alternatives:

Feature WPFunnels PRO ClickFunnels Leadpages
Drag-and-drop builder Yes Yes Yes
Pre-designed templates Yes Yes Yes
Landing page builder Yes Yes Yes
Checkout integration Yes Yes Limited