Top 7 WordPress E-Commerce Theme Recommendations

WordPress E-commerce Theme

Choosing the Right Theme for Your WordPress E-commerce Site

Selecting the right theme for your e-commerce site is crucial. Many site owners make a mistake here. If your goal is e-commerce, then you need to attract more customers and sales, right? Forget what you’ve heard before.

We will consider visual appeal, performance, and user experience together.

All the e-commerce themes listed here can be customized to fit any product you want to sell. Whether it’s clothing, electronics, jewelry, accessories, or any other product, you can use these themes. This means you’ll be able to tailor the theme you choose to your purpose.

Now, let’s take a look at the top 7 WordPress e-commerce theme recommendations.

WooCommerce Tips for E-commerce Infrastructure

When you want to do e-commerce with WordPress, the infrastructure you will use is WooCommerce.

Let’s say it, you need to be a bit sensitive when using this infrastructure. Because you can find your site in big trouble without realizing it. The solution? Easy.

You should choose a new generation theme that has a high user experience for your site.

User experience means that your site is suitable in terms of performance and usability. In this sense, WooCommerce is like a wild horse. If you don’t take the reins, your e-commerce project can drift.

So let’s look at e-commerce themes that work super well with WooCommerce.

1- Flatsome

Even if you list thousands of products on your site with this theme, it maintains its ultra-powerful performance.

We recommend Flatsome for huge stores as WPThemesBox. As the number of products and customers increases, the WooCommerce sites’ database swells and the processor load increases. In this case, you should draw power from lightweight and cleanly coded themes.


The Flatsome theme is a simple and user-friendly theme for both customers and site owners. Customers can easily navigate your site, and you won’t have any difficulties designing and managing your site.

Unlike other themes, this theme has a simple design.

Themes that are overly complex and bogged down with unnecessary details can be tiresome. As the name suggests, Flatsome has a flat design. In this respect, it provides customers with a pleasant experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

Flatsome is a premium theme.

In WordPress e-commerce sites, the best investment is the theme you use. Using a good theme has been proven to increase your sales several times compared to using a bad theme. Therefore, if you see your e-commerce project as an investment, you can find the Flatsome theme among the best alternatives to free themes.

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Now, let’s go beyond simple-designed e-commerce themes.

2- Woodmart

This theme is great for those who want a professional look like Amazon or Ebay.

Unlike the Flatsome theme, the Woodmart theme is quite comprehensive. Elegance and aesthetics are at the forefront. If you want to leave a luxurious impression on your customer base, Woodmart might be the right choice for you.


Indeed, you should pay attention to maintaining the performance of your site while using this theme.

When you want to host thousands of products on your e-commerce site, Woodmart can handle this load. However, you may need a powerful server and advanced performance optimizations. On the other hand, if your product count is not in the thousands, you may not need to consider these. The Woodmart theme will provide the performance you need.

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Your WooCommerce e-commerce site should actually have a look that you will be proud of every time you look at it. Some site owners may prefer simple designs only when they have a performance obsession. However, some customers may choose dazzling designs to keep aesthetics and elegance at the forefront.

3- Blocksy

Blocksy is a theme that balances eye-catching aesthetics with high performance.

If you are looking for a loyal companion for your long-term e-commerce journey, Blocksy is the theme you are looking for. We have many customers who have been using the Blocksy theme for years. They have become so accustomed to it that they are not very willing to switch to another theme.


In this sense, another feature of themes stands out. Themes become permanent with the contributions of the development team. WooCommerce themes that are continuously developed, like Blocksy, do not leave you halfway through your e-commerce journey. However, some themes can force you to change themes when development is discontinued.

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With this theme, you can achieve extraordinary designs. Considering its high performance, it definitely deserves to be on our list of the top 7 WordPress themes.

4- Betheme

The BeTheme e-commerce theme boasts a quality that mesmerizes onlookers.

Its design, user experience, and performance are at an excellent level. As flashy as Woodmart, as fast as Flatsome. What more could customers and site owners ask for?


In the WordPress e-commerce race, site owners want to stand out from the rest and showcase their own difference. In this regard, the BeTheme theme is equipped to elevate the perception of quality for your brand to the highest levels.

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5- Astra

The Astra theme has been dominating the WordPress market for a long time.

With its ease of use and functional designs, it can be a suitable choice for your e-commerce goals. Compared to our other recommendations, Astra may seem to offer limited ready-made design options on the WooCommerce side. However, the e-commerce designs offered by the Astra theme have managed to become favorites among some site owners.


In our top WordPress e-commerce theme recommendations, Astra stands out with its ideal speed performance.

It cannot be said to be as fast as Flatsome. We also can’t say it’s as flashy as Woodmart. However, its unique designs and ease of customization are enough to keep Astra on our list.

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6- XStore

For those looking for a flashy and fast e-commerce theme, XStore is winking.

The charm of this theme is mostly special for those who want an e-commerce site like Amazon. Its design, which sets itself apart from other WooCommerce themes, immediately catches the eye.


Whether you are new to e-commerce or looking to refresh your existing e-commerce site, it doesn’t matter. When you choose this theme, you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

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7- Avada

If you’re looking for a customer and sales-focused theme for your e-commerce site, you’re in the right place.

Avada, like the other themes on this list, has long been a leader in the WordPress theme market. Its development team is doing a great job. And your site can shine in the constantly evolving world of e-commerce.


The Avada theme demonstrates a level of performance and customization that will satisfy site owners. If you are looking for characteristic designs that can connect with your customer base, this theme may be the right choice.

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In this guide, we have listed the best themes in the scope of WordPress themes and WooCommerce themes.

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